'Thor: The Dark World' movie enjoyable, even without knowledge of lore


I was not a fan of the first one at all. So, surprise! I am a fan of this one.

Despite the fact the universe is in serious danger, "Thor: The Dark World" still has a sense of humor. And that's what I love most about the movie.

To explain everything that's going on here, you need a master's degree in superhero history. Or maybe you're a 12-year-old kid who loves Thor lore. Either way, some of it went over my head.

But in brief, and everyone will be able to understand this: Thor needs to save the universe. If he can't, well, it will be bad.

Chris Hemsworth is back as the mighty superhero, with Natalie Portman as his romantic interest. They're good together.

For me, "Thor: The Dark World" is a very visual, action-packed adventure. You know where it's probably going, but getting there is a good time.

Tom Hiddleston is also enjoyable as Thor's bad-boy brother, Loki.

"Thor: The Dark World" takes us into a different world where battles are fought, lessons are learned and imaginations are unleashed. Maybe yours will too, thinking perhaps of that old song "If I Had a Hammer."

Watching this, I boiled it down to good versus evil. And Thor's on the good side. I didn't grasp the depth. I'm sure die-hard fans will be thrilled they know and us commoners don't.

"Thor: The Dark World" is a good time, and I couldn't ask for anything more than that.

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