Toddler on his way to riding a tricycle with prosthetic arms


Jameson Davis of Portland was born without fully developed arms and hands.

The 18-month-old has learned to get around, but a new set of advanced prosthetics are promising to make life much easier for the toddler.

Using the latest technology, Jameson can use his own muscles to control his bionic arms. He contracts his triceps and that sends a signal down to the hand to open and close.

"We wanted to make it as functional as possible to give him the best ability to use it and to want to use it," said Mac Lang, Clinical Director at Advanced Arm Dynamics.

"Imagine where prosthetics will be when he's in high school, said Jim Davis, Jameson's father. "Imagine the possibilities. Why not give him all the tools available, so when he grows up that's what he knows."

Jameson will now be able to do other fun activities including riding a tricycle because he'll be able to hold the handle bars as he pedals down the street.

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