Local female veterans treated to free makeovers


"This is the best Veterans Day ever, and I'm grateful. I'm grateful for everybody here," said Alcazar.

Alcazar is one of three military veterans who got a makeover thanks to Makeovers That Matter. The organization provides the free service and connects female vets with job counseling services offered by Goodwill.

Edith Harris just got out of the Air Force last month after 10 years. She's looking for work and will now go on interviews feeling her best.

"I feel so glamorous. I feel like a star right now. Everything was for us. It's a really awesome thing that they're doing," said Harris.

Michael John Derricott is the founder of Makeovers That Matter.

"A woman's hair, her look, her makeup, her clothes are incredibly important to not only her self-image but how she feels inside," said Derricott.

Makeovers That Matter started less than two years ago as a way of helping homeless women and veterans get back on their feet with more confidence and style.

"Having the opportunity to serve those women who have served our nation fills me with incredible pride and joy," said Derricott.

As the stylists work on the outside, Alcazar is working on how she feels inside. She's dealing with PTSD and is currently in transitional housing and looking for a job, but she's optimistic about the future, knowing people are willing to help vets get back on track.

"I'm learning how to live and enjoying this experience. It's amazing. I'm just really happy," said Alcazar.

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