K-rails going up in Monrovia to protect from debris, mudslides


Officials recommended the concrete barriers be put in place after last April's Madison Fire in the foothills of Monrovia. More than 80 acres burned in the Madison Fire, causing the hillside to become unstable. The K-rails will help divert mud and debris flows when it rains.

"It's kind of overwhelming, all the work that's going on," said Byron Greer of Monrovia. "I understand what they're after, and I appreciate the fact that they're trying to protect the community."

K-rails have helped residents affected by the 2009 Station Fire, which is one reason they're going up in the Monrovia neighborhood.

Some neighbors are calling the K-rails eye sores that not only limit parking but could drive home prices down and again.

The K-rails are expected to stay up for three to five years, giving the fire-damaged hillside some time to grow vegetation.

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