Man poses as Nick Cannon rep, steals Fred Segal jewelry


According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the store got a call from someone posing as a representative for Cannon, a comedian and TV show host and husband of pop music superstar Mariah Carey.

The caller said Cannon needed jewelry, so an employee of the store packed up several thousand dollars worth of jewelry, brought it to the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and handed it off to a man posing as Cannon's security guard. That man said he'll bring it up to Cannon, but instead disappeared with the loot.

To most people, a carefree exchange of pricey jewels may sound fishy, but celebrity stylist Laurie Brucker says high-priced deliveries like this happen all the time when trend-setting celebrities are involved.

"It's very possible that this can happen," said Brucker. "When a celebrity wears a particular product or brand or pieces from a store, the store is getting amazing press."

LAPD officials aren't saying how much the jewelry was worth, but Fred Segal carries pieces that are priced well into the thousands.

Representatives for Cannon and Carey are not commenting, nor are officials from Fred Segal.

Brucker says celebrity drop-offs of pricey jewelry and clothing can be dicey, especially when the celebrity has a large entourage with constantly changing faces.

The key to success, she says, is to make sure you're personally familiar with the star's representatives.

"If I have product in my hand that I'm pulling from a store or a showroom, I'm going to be giving it to a trusted assistant and to someone I know by face and by name," said Brucker.

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