LAPD uses zombie video to spread message about holiday crime


The LAPD made a public service announcement starring zombies to illustrate the dangers of break-ins during the holiday shopping rush.

In the video, zombies are on the attack and they're after your valuables. The video shows zombies breaking into parked vehicles and stealing iPads, tablets and other goodies that are left in plain sight. When the frightened car owners call police, LAPD officers show up, arrest the zombie criminals and return the valuables to the grateful owners.

The seven-minute movie, which is obviously a parody, has over 2,500 views on YouTube. Authorities say the purpose of the project is to get the message out about crime.

"Burglary from motor vehicles is one of those persistent, nagging crimes. Even though we're making a dent in it, 26,000 cars were burglarized last year," said LAPD Capt. Jeff Bert.

Although some people were skeptical that the video would do any good, others appreciated the effort - bad acting and all.

"I thought it was cute. I really thought it was cute. They need to do more of it," said Phyllis McGee, an El Sereno resident. "With the kids and the bags, they just throw everything in the car, lock the door and go. Not knowing that somebody is lurking around and open the door, and there goes your stuff."

Officials want to remind people to lock their cars and keep gifts and shopping bags out of plain sight to avoid becoming a victim.

The LAPD says the video was made with donations and with the help of volunteers.

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