Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's show 'Ford Nation' canceled

TORONTO The Sun News Network enjoyed record ratings from Monday night's debut. But they say it took five hours to record the show and another eight hours to edit, making it too expensive. They blame Ford's inexperience with TV.

Meantime, Ford appeared on other TV shows, calling the Toronto City Council's action "hypocrisy."

"I know for a fact that those councillors on that floor, some of those councillors on that floor, have drank and have bought drugs while they've been in office," said Ford.

At Monday's stormy council meeting, the mayor did a pantomime of a councillor whose license was suspended for drunk driving. But perhaps the best remembered part was when the mayor rushed to help his brother, Councillor Doug Ford, who he thought was being attacked by hecklers. Council member Pam McConnell, who was in the mayor's way, suffered a bruise on her face and a swollen lip.

"It's sort of like a crazy train bowled me over. His adrenaline had overcome his thought process. All I can remember is my eyes locking with his and realizing he really wasn't seeing me," said McConnell.

The mayor later apologized to McConnell, one of many apologies he's been making lately.

Ford on Thursday used vulgar language to deny that he pressured a former female staffer for oral sex and admitted that he had driven drunk. He later returned to apologize for his vulgarity and said he was seeking professional help, though he refused to elaborate.

Ford also recently admitted to smoking crack, and allegations of drunk driving and prostitution have surfaced.

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