Hayden Panettiere says expect lots of drama on 'Nashville'


"There have been things that have come out about me that I've had to deal with and messes to clean up. I was in the generation of the wild child where I was already guilty by association. So people were just waiting for me to fall off my horse every second," said Panettiere.

Instead, Panettiere saddled up for success on "Nashville," and she says she's a better singer because of it.

"I know my voice better, flaws and all. And it's definitely developed. It's definitely developed and it's gotten stronger," said Panettiere. "I'm still nervous as anything to sing live, but, yeah, I feel much better about it."

Trouble is definitely happening, it seems, with all of the characters on "Nashville." Panettiere says fans can expect to see "oh no" moments coming soon.

"Oh yeah, quite a few. You might want to make a drinking game out of it or something because...you'll be doing it a lot," said Panettiere.

Jonathan Jackson says viewers should expect moments of gasping as well as tears and laughter. Others in the show are also hinting at a lot more drama on the way.

"I think the wheels are set in motion for absolute destruction," said Charlie Bewley.

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