Prince Harry arrives in Antarctica for 'Walking With The Wounded' trek

NOVO, Antarctica The 29-year-old arrived at Novo Airbase Friday after his departing flight from South Africa was delayed two days due to bad weather.

The prince is taking part in a race across the continent for charity. The 200-mile mission across Antarctica to the South Pole will raise money for wounded servicemen and women.

Prince Harry will be walking with 12 veterans, some of whom lost limbs in combat.

The prince is part of one of three teams competing in the trek to raise money for the military charity "Walking With The Wounded". The teams, from the U.S., United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, will spend the next few days getting used to the most extreme weather on the planet.

"The weather forecast is supposedly all right, but it seems to be getting worse. It's normally blue sky and sunshine, we will make the most of it."

Prince Harry's group has trained for months to prepare for this challenge, pulling heavy sleds and camping out in freezers. The walk starts at the end of the month. They are expected to reach the pole in mid-December.

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