Boeing 787 Dreamliners facing engine icing problems


Boeing spokesman Marc Britel says ice crystal formation can decrease performance in some of the jet engines.

Airlines with affected aircraft include United Airlines, Japan Airlines and Air India. Models affected are the 747-8 and the 787.

"To reduce chances of ice crystal conditions, Boeing recommends that operators fly at least 50 nautical miles from thunderstorms that may contain ice crystals," Boeing said in its statement.

The multinational corporation said that General Electric is "working diligently" to deal with the issue and that corrective changes "will be introduced into the fleet as soon as they are available."

The Dreamliner is Boeing's newest and most technologically advanced jet. Few are in service worldwide, but a number of safety issues have cropped up, including a cracked windshield, a battery fire and two fuel leaks.

In January, the entire Dreamliner fleet was grounded due to battery overheating issues. The FAA lifted the grounding order in April after approving a fix for the plane's lithium batteries.

During the investigation, investigators disassembled and examined the battery from a Dreamliner that caught fire. The charred insides of the plane's lithium ion battery showed the battery had received voltage in excess of its design limits.

Boeing has brushed off the problems as growing pains for a new aircraft.

In related news, Boeing says requests for bids to more than a dozen locations for plants that want to build the new 777-X airplane went out on Friday. The city of Long Beach is in the running.

Production of the plane will likely mean thousands of long-term jobs for whichever location is chosen by Boeing.

A decision is expected to be made early next year.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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