PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One: Which is best for gamers?

The $400 PlayStation 4 from Sony and the $500 Xbox One from Microsoft both have video-gamers everywhere dying for a new console. But which one should you buy? Consumer Reports' video-gaming expert Matt Ferretti has checked out both consoles and can tell you what they have to offer.

"First of all, both consoles have a lot of things in common. They both have much better visuals than the previous generation of consoles and they also can both access online content like Netflix and Hulu Plus."

And they both have built-in Blu-ray/DVD players for playing movies. But there's a lot that sets the two consoles apart. The Xbox One can connect to your cable box so you can control all the content on your TV through the gaming system.

And the voice command feature lets you change and find channels just by talking. The PlayStation 4 makes it very easy to share screen-grabs and video clips of game play with friends and on social networks. And with the PlayStation 4 you can live-stream your gaming so other people can watch and even comment. So which console is right for you?

"The Xbox One has a lot of entertainment options, so if that's what you're looking for, then that will be worth the extra money," said Ferretti. "But if you're strictly focused on gaming, then save yourself $100 and go with the PlayStation 4."

Choose wisely and you'll make the gamer on your gift list very happy.

To take advantage of all the Xbox One has to offer, you'll have to pay $60 a year for Xbox Live Gold, which lets you access the Internet for apps and content as well as online gaming.

The PlayStation 4 does almost everything right out of the box, except for multiplayer online gaming. For that you'll have to pay $50 a year for PlayStation Plus.

One more thing: Some consumers are experiencing problems with the Xbox One hard drive, but Microsoft is offering replacement consoles to those with defective hard drives.

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