Holiday crackdown on jaywalking in downtown LA


Jaywalking tickets can cost anywhere from $190 to $250. Police said it is the courts that determine the fine amounts. While the jaywalking laws have not changed for some time, police say this new crackdown is an attempt to increase pedestrian safety and prevent traffic backups, accidents and deaths.

Some people might not know that an instance of jaywalking does include stepping off the curb and into the street once the countdown on the traffic signal begins.

Some people think the fines are steep.

"Ticketing people for jaywalking is kind of preposterous," said one pedestrian. "Especially in these dire times. There's got to be other measurements that can help us, rather than just trying to get up into our wallets."

Others see it as a good deterrent.

"It doesn't seem high because I don't want them to go through somebody's windshield, so it's all about safety," said another pedestrian.

Police efforts will be focused heavily on the Financial District and the Historic Core of downtown.

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