Cool Kid spends time with seniors at retirement home


Kaitlyn Baltz may be part of a different generation, but she loves volunteering and spending time with seniors at the San Dimas retirement home.

"It all started when I was younger. I was about like five. Five all the way to like 10, we used to go visit my granddad every Sunday," said Kaitlyn.

Many of the residents there have few or no regular visitors. So Kaitlyn's visits are something so many of the seniors look forward to.

"It's like the best thing you can get when you just see their happiness, like the way they light up when they see you because they don't have family that comes see them," said Kaitlyn.

Sometimes it's a conversation, other times she brings flowers. Her time spent there has so much impact. But Kaitlyn says she's been "paid back" too. One woman, named Charlene, gave her some great advice.

"She was a nurse and then she decided to dabble in business. She had all these life lessons and wisdom to share. It was incredible and I learned so much from her," said Kaitlyn.

More than anything she might bring with her, Kaitlyn wants the residents here to know one thing about who she is and why she is there.

"They've never really had that child that would come and hang out with them. I just want them to feel loved," she said.

Kaitlyn Baltz is a Cool Kid who has found a special connection for helping an older generation.

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