Cal Poly San Luis Obispo student diagnosed with meningitis


University medical staff learned about the student's infection on Thursday.

The infection is believed to be an isolated incident, school health officials said. There was no evidence of significant risk to the rest of the campus, according to officials.

The student was receiving medical care. Other students who have come into contact with the student, who lives off-campus, have been informed of the student's condition and have been advised of signs and symptoms indicating necessary medical attention.

The Cal Poly student reportedly has viral meningitis, less dangerous than bacterial meningitis.

Viral meningitis, while serious, is not usually as serious as bacterial meningitis, health officials said. Bacterial meningitis may result in prolonged hospitalization. Both types have the same symptoms, including fever stiff neck, headache, confusion and often a rash. Symptoms can develop quickly. Rapid diagnosis and treatment are essential, officials said.

Meningitis can be spread through intimate contact with an infected person through kissing, sharing eyeglasses, cigarettes or eating utensils, for example.

Thursday's report follows recent meningitis cases at University of California-Santa Barbara, including one case that resulted in a student's legs amputated, and at least seven cases at Princeton University.

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