Holiday gift ideas for car enthusiasts

  1. Books for your car enthusiast - A great place to start is Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank. Yes, it's an entire book store dedicated to transportation, including airplanes, motorcycles and, of course, cars. If it has wheels, they have a book about it.

  2. Mini Cooper boombox - The Mini Cooper has become a very popular car, so how about taking a piece of the Mini inside... literally. This cute boombox resembles the stylish Mini Cooper side view mirror and syncs wirelessly to your audio player. The boombox comes in three different patterns and speaks with a British accent. You can order online at for $150 plus tax.

  3. "Where They Raced" DVD - Got a history buff on your gift list? The newly-released documentary "Where They Raced" traces the early days of speed demons racing around various locales in Southern California... from Beverly Hills to Corona. The historic footage is a must-see for not just car and racing enthusiasts, but anyone who loves local history. The DVD costs $24.95.

  4. Resqme - For a stocking stuffer, the Resqme is a compact escape tool to keep in the car. It has a glass breaker and a blade to slice a jammed seat belt. Different colors are available, and it's only $10.

  5. Aston Martin - And now for our extravagant gift, Neiman Marcus commissioned a special run of Aston Martin Vanquish Volantes for their annual automotive offering. It's $344,000 and the color scheme was inspired by the classic Aston Martin that Prince William and Kate drove at their royal wedding.
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