Venice beating caught on camera; suspects sought


The victim asked them to leave him alone, but they continued to follow him. One man then grabbed a chair from where homeless people were sleeping and used it to beat the victim.

The victim doesn't appear to fight back. The beating doesn't end for two and a half minutes.

"He just does not stop. I thought he was going to stop," said witness James Karhu. "At this point, I'm honestly scared. They were throwing beer bottles. I tried to get in the middle of stuff in the past, and then I become the target."

Karhu shot video of the beating from his window.

"I had heard somebody else had called 911, so what I was trying to do was I was trying to get video footage that would at least help catch this guy," said Karhu.

Investigators aren't releasing much information about the suspect or the victim, but say none of them are technically homeless.

"I would characterize them more as being transients," said Capt. Victor Davalos with the LAPD.

Lamont Schusse watched it all from his window and says the beating suspect kept yelling the same thing at the victim. According to the witness, the suspect called the victim names and said, "This is my beach, not yours."

Eventually, both suspects ran off and the victim was left in the middle of the street.

A few minutes later, rescue ambulances arrived to take him to the hospital.

"These sorts of fights happen all the time. It has never been this bad," said Karhu.

Anyone with information about the beating was asked to contact the LAPD's Pacific Division.

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