LAPD burglary arrests save wedding proposal


When thieves targeted Andrew Johnson's car on Sunday, they got away with more than a GPS or sunglasses.

"I saw my car with both doors wide open and papers spread everywhere," said Johnson.

Inside the glove compartment was an engagement ring. He was hiding it there from his girlfriend, Kate Kodet, in the hours before he planned to pop the question during their holiday party. As guests were arriving, they saw police outside.

"I thought, well this is exciting, but I sure hope this doesn't get in the way of my proposal," said Johnson.

Officers were responding to a report of two men breaking into cars.

"Upon arrival, they observed two suspects who matched the description. A short foot pursuit ensued and both suspects were subsequently taken into custody without any further incident," said Capt. Brian Thomas with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Police made sure not to blow Johnson's cover, knowing he couldn't explain why he was so upset. The officers told him the ring was likely gone, but the suspects did not ditch the diamonds before their arrest. Police returned the ring about 30 minutes later.

"In fact, I remember one of the guys saying, 'If this isn't a sign that the universe wants you to propose tonight, I don't know what is,'" said Johnson.

With the ring and the sparkling wine for the toast recovered, Johnson proposed to Kodet as they were surrounded by their good friends. The couple says their next move is to get the ring insured.

"A lot of things had to go wrong for the ring to be taken, and then everything had to go right to get it back," said Johnson.

Police say if you have anything of value inside your car, make sure that it's out of sight and lock your doors. They say, especially during the holiday season, thieves are looking for gifts that are easy to steal.

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