Cool Kid helps children with special needs


Christopher Rieger gives his time to an organization called the Friendship Circle. They have a unique approach to helping kids with special needs.

"Instead of just having a group of people hang out together, it's a one on one individual experience that really develops the relationship aspect of special-needs kids," said Christopher.

Christopher is so dedicated, and his mentors say it's that quality that make him perfect for this calling.

"He does a great job of informing people of what's going on and important things to care about. And he doesn't just speak about these things. He's very active and follows it up with his actions and behaviors," said director Jason Flentye.

While Christopher volunteers his time, he said that he gets a lot back too. He says the kids inspire him to look at life differently.

"Things may not always work the way you want them to, but if you take your time, look at the situation and just adapt, things can be fine," said Christopher.

His future plans include working with more kids like his Friendship Circle buddies.

"I'm interested in pre-med or something with occupational therapy, where I can work with kids who have these special needs, potentially behavioral psychology," said Christopher.

For those kids who just want to be included, Christopher Rieger is there with an open mind and heart.

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