9-year-old Florida girl is youngest to bowl 300 game


Hannah Diem says she got into the sport when she picked up her first bowling ball at a party in kindergarten.

She was bowling on her regular league night recently, when she realized she could be bowling her first 300 game.

"After about seven strikes, I knew it was a possibility because seven was my highest amount of strikes ever," Hannah described Hannah.

As the strikes mounted, so did the nerves.

"I knew it's only three more balls, a measly three. That's what an average person would say, 'just three balls'. Not just three balls if you're going for that 300," she described.

Her mom kept her distance, but she knew her daughter was nervous. She says Hannah was physically shaking. By then, everybody at Liberty Lanes in Largo had stopped to watch the young girl bowl.

Then she nailed the final strike. Hannah described the moment as "magical," and said everyone cheered and clapped for her.

The United States Bowling Congress has certified the game and sent Hannah a congratulatory letter.

ABC News contributed to this report.

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