ABC7 Pay It Forward: Woman helps friend who is a single mom


It's part of our popular "Pay It Forward" series, where we surprise Southern Californians with the chance to give $500 to someone deserving.

Christina Cali spotted us at the Plaza West Covina shopping center and told us about her friend, Debbie Arvizu.

"She was laid off, single mom, was asked to move out of her condo that she's been in for about six years," said Christina.

Providing Christmas for Debbie's three daughters this year isn't easy. Christina was very emotional as she talked about Christina's circumstances. She was brought to tears at the thought of being able to help her friend.

"I struggle myself, so I know for her to give her family a good Christmas, it means a lot," said Christina.

Christina took us to Debbie's parents' house, where Debbie is staying with her kids. Christina surprised her with the cash.

"You're going to find a new home for you and the girls. You got to trust that God is going to bless you and the year is going to get better, I promise. I love you, and we've all been there and done that," Christina told Debbie. "Sometimes, I see that you are losing hope and I don't ever want you to lose hope because it's going to get better."

The two women hugged and cried. Debbie instantly reflected on their friendship.

"It's been a hard year and my friend here has been here through everything," said Debbie.

Christina said it's about the kids and making sure that they are happy.

"I've got three of my own and I know what it is to be a single mom and not sometimes have what you want to give them," said Christina.

There might be a way for an Eyewitness News viewer to pay it forward to Debbie. She's actively looking for work in her field. Her experience is in billing and collections for a medical office.

If you know of any opportunities or a job in that field, you can contact me on Facebook or Twitter at @ABC7Elex.

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