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Amy Adams talks playing sexy con artist in 'American Hustle'

Oscar nominee Amy Adams plays a sexy con artist in her latest project 'American Hustle.'
December 21, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
Actress Amy Adams plays a sexy con artist in the new David O. Russell film, "American Hustle."

The movie takes place in the late 1970s during the ABSCAM scandal, the FBI sting operation that took down some politicians.

"She's a survivor, you know?," said Adams, "I don't know that I'd want to be her best friend but, boy, was she fun to play!"

"There isn't a specific antagonist, protagonist, it's just a big group. It's a community of people telling a story," said Adams.

Among them is Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.

"And the characters are larger than life but sort of, the bigger message becomes a subtle discovery throughout the film, it's a beautiful thing," said Adams.

And something you'll see Amy and Bradley do together in the film - a little disco number!

"It turns out Bradley and I really both like dancing and we had to dance, and David saw this dance and went, hmmm, I think I know what scene to write in to the movie," said Adams.

"American Hustle" was released in theaters on Friday.