Tips to slash calories from your holiday meal


If you start with three ounces of roasted turkey with a smidge of gravy instead of the same amount of prime rib, you'll save 200 calories.

Opt for a sweet potato with a dollop of hummus in lieu of mashed potatoes with butter. It's about a 150-calorie savings.

A serving of steamed green beans with almonds instead of the green casserole will save you 70 calories.

Try choosing a half-cup of wild and brown rice medley over a half-cup of bread stuffing. That is a quick 20 calories there.

The big savings can come with beverages. Try an eight-ounce glass of apple cider at 140 calories over traditional eggnog at 340 calories.

If you've saved room for dessert, choosing pumpkin pie over pecan pie will save you 224 calories as well.

The entire turkey dinner is a bit over 1,000 calories, and the prime rib meal is over 1,700 calories. Keep in mind this is the exact same amount of food. And if you're watching fat grams, it'll slash an extra 50 fat grams.

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