2 El Monte police officers save choking toddler

EL MONTE, Calif.

Corporal Aram Choe and Officer Cody Cowell were in the neighborhood when the 911 call came in on Sunday. They arrived at the scene in less than a minute.

The toddler's parents had tried in vain to get a piece of hard candy out of the child's throat. A few hard slaps on the back did the trick.

"Hearing a baby cry is not what you want to hear in your day-to-day routine. But in this instance, it was one of the sweetest things that I could hear," said Cowell.

The boy's father, Victor Sanchez, says he's very thankful to the officers, whose quick actions are allowing him to hold his child this Christmas.

"I'm really thankful to them and God for making my kid stay with me, alive," said Sanchez.

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