5-year-old Murrieta girl helps save great-grandmother's life


Karli La Fever was sleeping over at her great-grandmother's house on Monday night. She has a minor hearing loss, but still couldn't sleep because she was bothered by a ticking clock. Then she heard something else.

"She was crying," Karli said. "I just got out of the bed, turned all the lights on."

The young girl took her great-grandmother's cellphone and dialed her mom, Briana La Fever. La Fever had her daughter hand the phone to her great-grandmother, and then placed a call to 911 when she noticed that her speech was slurred.

Paramedics with the Murrieta Fire Department responded. It turns out Karli La Fever's great-grandmother was in diabetic shock due to low blood sugar, a life-threatening condition.

"We believe that if the call was not to be made by that grandchild, that her great-grandmother would have definitely had a different outcome," said Matt Corelli of the Murrieta Fire Department.

The Murrieta Fire Department says they plan on honoring Karli with a Life Saver Award.

"I think it's amazing," Briana La Fever said. "I think she was an angel that night."

For this pint-size hero, the biggest reward is having her nana back home.

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