Los Angeles County sheriff race: Possible candidates


Jim McDonnell: Jim McDonnell is the current police chief for the Long Beach Police Department and president of the Los Angeles County Police Chiefs Association. He said in a statement that he believes for law enforcement, "Our greatest strength is in our ability and willingness to work together to provide world-class service to those who live, work and visit Los Angeles County."

Todd Rogers: Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers says he believes change can come from within the department and considers himself a "reformer."

Paul Tanaka: Paul Tanaka, former undersheriff, says he is a leader who can provide direction for the sheriff's department. He stresses that he never condoned or tolerated excessive use of force or misconduct of any sort by deputies.

Bob Olmsted: Bob Olmsted, a retired sheriff's commander, says the department needs major changes and is pushing for transparency. He says Tanaka was part of the leadership during all the problems.

Patrick Gomez: Patrick Gomez, a former sheriff's lieutenant, retired after 32 years in the department. He agrees that the sheriff's department needs major reform.

Jim Hellmold: Assistant Sheriff Jim Hellmold is a 25-year veteran of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.

Lou Vince: Los Angeles police Detective Lou Vince is a 25-year veteran of the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. According to his website, he is a 17-year veteran of Los Angeles law enforcement organizations. He is also an elected member of the Agua Dulce Town Council.

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