Family offers $500 reward for return of dog Frida; possible suspect caught on camera


Frida's family had plastered their neighborhood with fliers after the 8-year-old canine disappeared from their yard. The family has been looking for her since Christmas.

For more than two weeks they heard nothing, until Thursday when Frida was spotted on camera along with an unknown woman outside the Animal Medical Center in Van Nuys, miles away from their Mid-Wilshire home.

"I don't understand her motives, I'm not going to question her motives. I understand why she'd be in love with Frida but she's really our dog and we really want her back," said Farrel Levy.

The clinic called the family to ask about the dog after scanning her microchip. But their joy was short lived as the mystery woman slipped away, taking Frida with her.

"To have your hopes dashed in this way that is incredible and unbelievable, it's been an emotional roller coaster for us," said Levy.

The clinic didn't get any information on the woman, but Frida's family is hoping the surveillance pictures will help them identify her, and most importantly, bring Frida back home.

The family is offering a $500 reward. They say neither they nor the clinic will ask any questions so long as Frida is returned safely.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the family at (323) 932-6325, (323) 395-8259, or via email at

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