Hottest husband title goes to Palm Desert man


"It was a little strange. I was driving in my truck, working, and she goes, 'By the way, I entered you into this contest,'" said Rice.

Rice was recently named Redbook Magazine's 2014 Hottest Husband, beating out 1,500 other guys for the title. Rice is humble and a bit embarrassed about his newfound fame, but he is taking it all in stride, one photo-op at a time.

It all started last April when Rice's wife was in the waiting room of her doctor's office. She saw an article in Redbook asking wives everywhere: Do you think your husband is hot?

"I thought, 'Yeah, he's hot!' And here we are," she said.

But it took more than good looks to win Rice top honors. Lee says her husband is witty, patient and considerate -- traits Rice credits his five older sisters with helping him cultivate over the years.

"They all say I'm spoiled, and I say I was tortured, because I had to hear every date that went wrong and everything that happened on the date," said Rice.

As part of Redbook's Hottest Husband title, Rice and his wife also won a trip to Curacao in the Caribbean. They are going to take the trip in May.

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