'Nebraska' star June Squibb talks spotlight


Squibb feels like she's just getting started, even if she is now in her 80s.

"I'm sure there are a lot of people that they probably have seen me before but never knew who I was," said Squibb.

Squibb is enjoying and appreciating this moment in the spotlight. She's overwhelmed by all of the honors and all of the nominations she's received for her role in "Nebraska." It has put her on one red carpet after another.

We had a chance to walk and talk last week after she got the great news that she'll be on Oscars' red carpet as a nominee for best supporting actress. I asked her why she thinks that trophy belongs on her mantel.

"Because I think I did a really good job in 'Nebraska,'" she replied. "I'm thrilled with just being nominated."

Squibb says there are other roles in her future, including a potential TV show, but one thing not in her future: retirement. She says she will never ever retire. For Squibb, the golden years may prove to be just that.

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