ABC7 Pay It Forward: Mom battling cancer gets help from friend


Her friend, Kathleen Brooks, contacted us about Amy's story.

"She's a warrior. She's a tender warrior, and she's fighting for life and for her children and her family," said Kathleen.

Kathleen successfully fought cancer herself three different times. She joined a bible study at church for cancer survivors. That's where she met Amy.

"In the last three months or three and a half months, we've lost three of the gals in the group and that makes it all the tougher when I see where Amy is at in her battle," said Kathleen.

Amy's dream was to surprise her family in Dallas by showing up for Christmas and introducing many of them to her kids for the first time.

Amy and her husband dug deep into their life savings to make the trip happen.

Kathleen and her bible study fundraised to cover the cost, but they were about $500 short. As part of our Our Pay It Forward series, which gives viewers the chance to surprise someone deserving with $500, we gave Brooks $500 to give to her friend.

Kathleen took us to Amy's Thousand Oaks home to surprise her and her kids.

"I am so proud of you. You have battled hard and you are winning. We wanted to complete the funds that you needed for your whole trip, and ABC7 graciously and kindly said, 'Would you like to pay it forward to somebody you love?' And I love you," Kathleen told Amy.

For Amy, the financial burden of cancer can be overwhelming. She says her recent family time was priceless. Amy and Kathleen both say the bond they form with their fellow cancer survivors is invaluable.

"They really taught me how to live in the midst of cancer and live well," said Amy. "I feel honored to have gotten to know them, and I wouldn't have gotten to know them apart from cancer."

Amy says her dream is to travel as much as possible with her family during her remaining time. If you want to help make that possible through donations, you can donate via PayPal using the email address

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