Bear sneaks up on unsuspecting couple in Pasadena


AIR7 HD captured video of the bear having an enjoyable afternoon around Old House Road around 4 p.m. Thursday. The bear put on quite a show -- sitting up, rolling around and even gnawing on a fence.

Two days ago, one couple had a close encounter with possibly the same bear. A surveillance camera in the same neighborhood captured footage of Bob and Irene McKeown -- who are visiting from overseas -- leaving a home without even noticing that the bear was right next to them.

"I felt something brushing against my leg. Once I closed the door, I turned around, I shout, 'It's a bear! It's a bear!'" said Bob McKeown. He suffered just a small nick on his leg.

It is not confirmed that Thursday's bear is the same one from Tuesday, but neighbors say a big brown bear has been around since Tuesday's trash day.

"It comes around trash day. It gets hungry, so it just comes out. But it's very friendly. It's not aggressive at all," said Pasadena resident Marina Tucker.

Animal control officers and Pasadena police, armed with shotguns, were on the scene monitoring the bear as it meandered.

"He might be just knocking, looking around for some garbage cans, looking for something to eat and then once he couldn't find something, or he found something, he'll work his way back to an area where he feels safe, which is suitable habitat," said J.C. Healy with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Pasadena police say be aware that the bear could still be out in the neighborhood. They'll be back Friday to patrol the streets and watch for that bear.

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