Super Bowl DUI patrols underway in Southland


Twelve arrests were made at a DUI checkpoint in Reseda Saturday./p>

More than 800 people lost their lives in California in 2012 due to alcohol-impaired crashes, and the big game is a big time to party. According to AAA, accidents involving drunk drivers go up 75 percent in California on Super Bowl Sunday compared to other Sundays in January.

Last year, West Valley traffic made more than 2,600 DUI arrests. Some of them were caught in check points like the one in Reseda.

The LAPD is also launching several saturation patrols across the city following the Super Bowl.

"We're trying to warn the public that we're going to be out here proactively looking for you if you're drinking and driving and you will go to jail," said LAPD Sgt. Greg Fuqua.

.The LAPD has a zero tolerace policy.

"We encourage people, like I said, for people to enjoy the game but drink responsibly. If you're going to consume alcoholic type beverages today, designate a driver, don't drive, stay home or consider some alternative type of transportation, get a taxi cab, or like I said, a designated driver or some other mode of transportation," said LAPD Lt. Ray Valois.

DUI convictions cost $10,000 in court and legal fees, and your license will automatically be suspended for a year.

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