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OTRC: Chris Pratt talks 'The LEGO Movie' character and more: 3 highlights (Video)

Chris Pratt appears in a 2014 interview for the film 'The Lego Movie' provided by Warner Bros. Pictures. (Warner Bros. Pictures.)

Chris Pratt is gearing up for a big year in his career in 2014 with the release of the Marvel movie "Guardians of the Galaxy," where he has a lead role, but first the "Parks and Recreation" star lends his voice to "The LEGO Movie."

The film, which is a CGI and stop-motion animated movie, also features the voices of Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, Alison Brie and Liam Neeson.

Pratt recently chatted about the film in an interview provided by Warner Bros. Pictures and he talked about why parents will actually enjoy watching the movie along with their kids. Check out three highlights from the interview below and watch Pratt's interview above.

1. Pratt explains why he fell in love for his character, Emmet

In the movie, Pratt plays Emmet, a mini-figure who is mistaken for being the Special, a person who has been prophesized to save the LEGO universe.

"The reason he's [Emmet] is so likeable, I think -- early on in the film, he realizes he's invisible. That no one knows who he is, he's not memorable to anybody, he's just kind of a nothing," Pratt explained. "That's what people's perception of him is."

"That's a little heartbreaking and so for me. That's why I kind of fall with this character," Pratt added. "I feel bad for him. I feel like, 'Man, aw buddy that doesn't feel good to feel that.'"

2. Pratt promises parents will actually enjoy watching the film

Adults are going to find two things. One, this is unlike anything we've ever seen before, both visually and also the story. It's unlike anything that's ever been done," Pratt said. "And two, they're going to really, thoroughly enjoy bringing their kid to this movie."

"Not like other movies where you're like, 'Ugh. Why couldn't I see what I wanted to see? Instead, I have to take my kid to see this damn kids movie.' This is not that movie," he added. "This is a movie you're going to enjoy watching."

3. Lessons can be learned from the themes of 'The LEGO Movie.'

"There are a lot of themes in this movie. I think the bigger themes are, one that seems to be geared towards children is [it] doesn't matter if you don't think the idea in your mind is special, throw it out there, give it a shot," Pratt said. "You might find that this simple idea in your brain, other people might find it to be brilliant, so don't be ashamed to try your ideas out no matter what."

"The LEGO Movie" hits theaters on Feb. 7.

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