Ex-Redlands teacher, district sued by victim


The victim, who was 16 at the time of the crime, is not only suing Laura Whitehurst, but he is also suing the Redlands Unified School District and another teacher who allegedly knew about the abuse and failed to report it.

Whitehurst was originally charged with 41 felony counts, but she took a plea deal, pleading guilty to four felony counts of unlawful sex and two counts of oral copulation of a person under the age of 18. She was sentenced to one year in jail and was released after six months. Her child is now seven months old.

The lawsuit alleges people at the district knew what was going on and never reported it. It also accuses the district of nepotism, stating that Whitehurst's parents got involved and may have helped keep the district from reporting the matter to authorities.

"Children in California and children in Redlands should not be a sex toy for their teacher," said John Manly, an attorney for the victim. "Unfortunately, we believe -- and we believe the evidence will show -- that is precisely what's occurred in the Redlands Unified School District."

The district said in a statement that the allegations in the lawsuit as they relate to the district and current employees "are simply untrue."

"It is shocking that the plaintiff's attorneys have gone beyond suing the district itself and included a teacher who had no role in the events whatsoever," the statement read.

The attorneys for the victim said they want Whitehurst to undergo extensive psychological treatment.

According to the attorneys, the victim is currently living in Santa Barbara and attending college.

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