Oprah Winfrey honored at Santa Barbara International Film Festival


She was given the "Montecito Award" at the annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival. It's an award that recognizes an artist's contribution to film.

"I cannot tell you what it means to be honored by your own community," said Oprah.

Oprah was honored for her accomplishments both professionally and philanthropically. However, she was able to poke fun at herself, saying she is under no illusion about her film career.

"I love this community, I love what the film festival represents, and I love supporting other people," said Oprah. "Had I known that I was going to be sitting here going through my quote 'body of work,' I probably would have said no because, I mean, who are we kidding? I don't have a body of work! I have a body of work on 'The Oprah Show.' I've done three films, okay? But I'm happy to celebrate me. I'm happy to do it, OK.They want to celebrate, I will."

Oprah has been celebrating a lot lately. Last week, she turned 60, and she says she is completely thrilled to hit that landmark birthday.

"I'm telling you there are a lot of women I know who got really hung up on 40 and they get hung up on the 'zero' ages. I cannot, I have never been more thrilled," said Oprah. "I've never had a better birthday. I've never had a greater sense of, like a new lease on life. Like, 'Oh my God, I made that number. Look at all the people who didn't get to make that number.' You just reach a point in your life at 60 when you don't, you know, have to worry about the bull anymore. God bless you, but I don't have to, there's nothing to prove, there's nothing to prove. It's wonderful."

Oprah said the award would keep her moving in the right direction; with more acting and producing in the near future, and she may even take a turn in the director's chair.

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