Los Angeles Zoo hippopotamus gets a new pal


Mara, 10, came from the Topeka Zoo to the L.A. Zoo on December 16. She was brought to L.A. in hopes of becoming a companion to the 3-year-old male Adhama.

Mara was placed in an adjoining habitat where both hippos could see each other until they were ready for an introduction, the L.A. Zoo said. Zookeepers switched the hippos' habitats to get each used to the other's scent.

On Wednesday, zookeepers waited until Mara was swimming in her pool and brought Adhama into her habitat. Mara then curiously approached Adhama and the two spent the rest of the day interacting and swimming, the zoo said.

Mara and Adhama aren't considered a breeding pair, according to the zoo.

Zoo guests can now view the hippos in their shared habitat.

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