Long Beach mayoral candidate mailer features wrong city


Inside the mailer, Lowenthal talks about jobs and services for the city by the sea. On the other side, it says "Getting things done for Long Beach". However, the photo of the skyline isn't Long Beach; it's San Diego.

"Somebody didn't do their proof checking," said Juanita Trejo of Long Beach.

Lowenthal is a longtime Long Beach resident, served in the Long Beach City Council and is currently in the State Assembly.

Her office in Sacramento and her campaign spokesperson Mike Shimpock refused to discuss the mishap with Eyewitness News.

In a statement to the Long Beach Press Telegram, Shimpock took the blame, saying it was a mistake. The photos were mixed up and no one checked before the mailers were sent out, he said.

"We all love our skyline. It's a beautiful part of our city," said Long Beach mayoral candidate Robert Garcia, one of Lowenthal's opponents.

"Having approved all of our pieces of mail, I certainly know what it looks like, but, you know, I think their campaign acknowledged it was a mistake and I'm sure they're moving on and we're ready to move forward," said Garcia.

It didn't take long for other photos to pop up making fun of the mailer, one photo shows New York City and another Rio De Janeiro.

Long Beach resident Christopher Lawson thinks his city boasts a "pretty distinguishable skyline."

"That would be a strike against her for my vote," said Lawson.

The mishap comes at a critical time in this election. The absentee ballots are scheduled to go out on Monday.

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