Blind man falls on Metro Red Line tracks, survives as train rolls over


The train "ran over the man but didn't touch him, thank God," Los Angeles Metro spokesman Paul Gonzales said. "In my view, this is a miraculous occurrence. The man is exceedingly lucky to be alive."

The 47-year-old was walking with a cane and approached the platform, then fell over the edge at the Wilshire and Vermont station.

The operator of an oncoming train saw him and blew the train's horn, but could not stop the train from running over the man. The train rolled over him as he lay flat, but he was not seriously injured.

He was pulled from underneath the second car of the six-car train. He was hospitalized in fair condition.

This is at least the third time since September 2012 that a train on the Red Line has passed over a person. In the other two instances, the people were seriously injured.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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