Los Angeles Marathon security increased after Boston bombing


There is excitement as the runners for the L.A. Marathon pick up their registration packets. But this year the procedure is different: They have to be picked up in person with identification. No one else can do it for you. And there are new security checkpoints.

"We also are implementing a new event secure zone at both the start and the finish, so runners and spectators will go through some screenings before they enter that secured event zone," said L.A. Marathon CEO Tracey Russell.

Runners will have to use clear bags so security can see their contents.

The race spans across several cities and several law enforcement jurisdictions, and all of them will be present at a unified command center where they can monitor what is happening real time and make coordinated decisions.

There will be nearly 200 firefighter pre-deployed in the area and there will be undercover officers, as well as a very visible police presence.

"Through looking at some of the Boston Marathon events, we've had a chance to pre-deploy and come up with plans to really figure out how to best manage the crowd, move them to other areas," said L.A. Fire Captain Tim Ernst. "We've actually identified locations off the course itself where should there be an event and we had to re-route the crowd to a safe harbor, we can do so in a very organized manner."

Marathon officials are asking runners and spectators to arrive early to go through the extra security.

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