LAX shooting revealed communication flaws, report says


The 86-page report, released on Tuesday, was based on findings by several agencies that responded to the Nov. 1 shooting and a review of camera footage, dispatch logs and 911 calls. The shooting left a TSA agent dead and three others injured.

The report cites the "heroism" of officers who shot and took suspect Paul Ciancia into custody, but it details lapses in coordination and technology between police and fire departments. There were multiple command posts at different locations that didn't unify for 45 minutes, and the first meeting among commanders did not occur until more than 90 minutes after the shooting began.

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti said during a news conference that the shortcomings have been addressed, and LAX is safer today than it was the day of the shooting.

"We got lucky that day. We're lucky that that day, the casualty list was not higher," Garcetti said.

The report says police and fire commanders arrived on the scene with no idea where to go or what the others were doing. The mayor said all LAX telephones and panic alarms now transmit location information to dispatchers when an emergency call is made.

Recommendations include improving the public announcement system and more training for the entire airport community and other agencies involved in responding to such emergencies.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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