5 California harbors plan for future tsunamis


"Science has just gotten better. They have had more time to analyze the data that they have and to put their incredible resources available and more fine-tune these maps," said Jeff Reeb with the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management.

Five California harbors, including Los Angeles and Long Beach, are now preparing. Scientists have developed new scenarios and new places where problems could turn up. What has happened over time is that more people have moved into coastal areas.

Responders are asking specific questions of the scientists in order to prepare the public. Reeb says the questions include: How would that impact the people who live there? How would we plan for their evacuation? How would we plan to notify them? What do we tell them to take with them?

Tsunami awareness comes as next week marks the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Alaska earthquake, a massive 9.2 that triggered an inundation, killing 12 people in Northern California.

Emergency planners urge you to think about the possibility of a disastrous wave and where you and your family might be if it should hit.

Scientists will be answering questions at a special event on Monday night at the Aquarium of the Pacific. You do not have to be present; organizers say you can tweet your questions.

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