Cedars-Sinai patients allege sexual assault by nursing assistant


Police documents detail allegations of sexual assault against 56-year-old Guillermo Fernando Diaz. He worked on the 6th floor where many heart patients recover from surgery.

Patients in the report gave similar accounts to investigators, that Diaz would start with a massage, or rubbing some powder or cream, then progress to a sexual assault.

One woman says she was woozy and semi-conscious when Diaz sexually groped her. Like a nightmare, she says, she wanted to scream but couldn't.

She says that she reported the incident to Cedars.

Cedars-Sinai says it fired Diaz last summer as more information was obtained.

The medical center issued a statement saying in part: "Each complaint about this employee was investigated as soon as we were made aware of it, and we took appropriate action based on our findings."

The LAPD served a search warrant at Cedars, seeking all employee documents and records for Diaz. Detectives learned there were complaints going back to 1996. Two cases went to the district attorney's office. But prosecutors determined there was insufficient evidence to try Diaz.

As for the victim Eyewitness News spoke to, she says she has sought therapy and she still cannot trust medical personnel. She faces a dilemma now as she needs another surgery.

"And my doctor told me that I can't wait any longer, but I just can't do it," she said.

Cedars-Sinai said it cooperated with a prior LAPD investigation. The district attorney's office said it would have no comment on the case until the investigation was completed.

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