Evenflo recalling child car and booster seats

Certain models have a harness buckle that may be more difficult to unlatch after long use and exposure to everyday contaminants, such as food and drinks. The faulty buckle may make it difficult to take a child out of the seat.

Below are the models affected, including their model number prefix and dates of manufacture:

  • Models: Momentum 65, Momentum 65 LX and Momentum 65 DLX, Model Number: Prefix 385, Dates of Manufacture: 3/4/2013 through 8/26/2013
  • Models: Chase, Chase LX and Chase Select, Model Number Prefix: 306, Dates of Manufacture: 6/12/2012 through 10/3/2013
  • Models: Chase LX and Chase DLX, Model Number Prefix: 329, Dates of Manufacture: 8/23/2011 through 3/3/2014
  • Models: Maestro and Maestro Performance, Model Number Prefix: 310, Dates of Manufacture: 8/22/2011 through 10/17/2013
  • Models: Symphony 65, Symphony 65 E3, Symphony LX, Symphony DLX and Snugli All-in-One, Model Number Prefix: 345 or 346, Dates of Manufacture: 10/2/2012 through 8/26/2013
  • Models: Titan 65 and SureRide DLX, Model Number Prefix: 371, Dates of Manufacture: 6/20/2012 through 10/17/2013
  • Models: Secure Kid LX, Secure Kid DLX, Secure Kid 100, Secure Kid 300, Secure Kid 400 and Snugli Booster, Model Number Prefix: 308, Dates of Manufacture: 12/13/2011 through 3/3/2014

Those affected can obtain a free kit that includes a replacement buckle and installation instructions by calling (800) 490-7591 or placing on order online.

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