Man gets plea deal after running over ex-wife's dog

DEL AIRE, Calif.

Michael Parker, 45, was facing felony animal cruelty and animal neglect charges, as well as a misdemeanor charge of petty theft of a dog.

Security cameras captured Parker taking the 5-year-old dog out of his trunk in a Hawthorne alley, and then running over the animal on Dec. 28. The dog, named Cow Cow, was left to die.

The plea deal sends Parker to prison for 16 months in state prison. He was facing five years in prison.

Animal advocates said they were worried Parker was going to get off easy.

"I really wanted him in prison for five years, but 16 months in prison -- I'm happy with that," said Susie Guerreo, an animal rights advocate.

Parker and his attorney had no comment about the plea agreement, which allows him to turn himself in for sentencing on Monday. Contributing to the tough terms, Parker used his car as a deadly weapon.

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