Rapper Tyga surrenders Bengal tiger to authorities in Ventura County


The 100-pound tiger was taken to a facility licensed to handle such animals and was listed in good Health. When full grown, Bengals can reach 800 pounds or more.

A person who lives near the home where the tiger was being kept alerted state officials about the animal around 4 p.m. Saturday, said spokesman Andrew Hughan.

The resident "was very cooperative and admitted right away that he did have the tiger," Hughan said, adding that the resident told the warden he had taken the tiger earlier that day to an animal shelter.

A source close to the investigation said the tiger was being kept by the rapper Tyga

Hughan said it is illegal for average people to possess a tiger. "Such an animal must be kept in a permitted facility that is licensed," he added.

"This incident is under investigation," Hughan said. "We may or may not file charges."

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