Filmmaker Clark Duke invites Liam Hemsworth, Vince Vaughn to visit his home state with dramatic crime thriller 'Arkansas'

First time filmmaker Clark Duke and castmates Liam Hemsworth, Vince Vaughn, and John Malkovich explore the underworld of the South with dramatic crime thriller 'Arkansas.'
COVID-19 caused a first time filmmaker to make a quick adjustment. We first got to know Clark Duke for his acting work in the comedies like "Kick-Ass" and "Hot Tub Time Machine." But since he was 12, he also wanted to direct. Duke got his chance with a new film, 'Arkansas'.

In the film, Duke and Liam Hemsworth play drug dealers who work for a drug kingpin played by Vince Vaughn. Becoming the man in charge of this project was no easy task for Duke.

"I had to convince people I could direct the movie. I had to convince the producers and financiers and even my own agents that I could act in the movie and direct at the same time," said Duke. "It was a real labor of love and something I'd been trying to make for almost ten years. A movie like this, an indie film, nobody's doing it for money. They're doing it because they love the script. So, yeah, that's the long and short answer."

The script also lured in two-time Oscar nominee John Malkovich. And a young new actor named Chandler Duke.

"Chandler's my younger brother. I think he's fantastic in the movie. It's his first film," said Clark. "So to see him-to get to direct my brother opposite John Malkovich was pretty awesome!"

Clark was looking forward to having a premiere for "Arkansas" and seeing it on the big screen. He's disappointed that because of the current situation in the world, that can't happen. But seeing it find a home on digital, on-demand, plus on DVD and Blu-Ray was the next best thing.

"Yeah, everybody's already watched 'Tiger King' by now," joked Duke. "They got to watch something, right?"
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