Young Armenians volunteer for the March for Justice

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Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Soseh Hovasapian, 16, is a volunteer for the Armenian Genocide March for Justice. She believes its important for the younger generation to get involved by advocating for human rights and spreading awareness.

GLENDALE (KABC) -- Every year, more than 100 local students volunteer for the Armenian Genocide March for Justice.

"It's incredibly important for the younger generation to be involved in the march because as an Armenian, I feel it's our duty to uphold our heritage and keep in touch with our culture," said 16-year-old Soseh Hovasapian.

Hovasapian goes to the Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School in Hollywood. She's a member of the Armenian Youth Federation which is one of the 21 organizations that coordinates the March for Justice.

On the day of the march she'll be a crowd monitor but her work started months ago.

"I've helped organize workshops where all the monitors got together and painted posters, prepared signs, flags. And I've also helped go over the logistics to make sure everything runs smoothly the day of," she said

Hovasapian is the grandchild of an Armenian Genocide Survivor. Learning about that dark moment in history through family stories has encouraged her to become involved in her community.

"It's definitely given me more pride as an Armenian," she said. "I feel like I've been able to connect with other young Armenians who feel the same way I do about our culture and our heritage. I feel like I've been able to be more involved in advocacy and I think this is a great start."

She continues to encourage the younger generation to participate in the march.

"I want younger people to know that this is an excellent way to get involved to advocate for human rights and to spread awareness for something unjust that happened in history," said Hovasapian.