Jeremy Renner shares his 'Arrival' to Amy Adam's latest film

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- In Paramount Pictures' latest release, "Arrival," the earth sees several UFOs land across the world.

Amy Adams stars as a linguist and mother, who is recruited by the U.S. government to help decipher the alien's language.

The five-time Academy Award nominee said she expects the movie to affect different people in different ways, with its theme of communicating with respect for one another.

"It does have these bigger themes and you know some of them are even more relevant, the political ones, they're more relevant today than when we shot it. But what really attracted me to it was this sort of like a very intimate story, that it ultimately is at its core," Adams said.

Jeremy Renner co-stars as a scientist who attempts to establish the reason the extra-terrestrials made first contact.

Renner's reason for joining "Arrival" was due to Amy Adams, a longtime friend of 20 years, having asked him.

"She's like 'OK, would you read this thing, I'd really, really, really love you to do it. I can't think of anyone else, and I really wanna work with you again.' I'm like, 'OK, I'll read it," Renner shared.

"I read this thing, I'm like, 'Ah, I got it. OK,"" he continued.

Adams explained, "I knew that having him there we'd be able to build a relationship that felt real and believable as friends, and then we're both get it done kinda people."

"We both have kids and have a good life, work balance and so yeah we work hard at work and then we're ready to go," Adams added.

"Arrival" is open in theaters.
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