Video: Man attempts carjacking at gas station as woman pumps fuel

ALLEN PARK, Michigan (KABC) -- Here's a good reason to keep your keys in hand and lock your doors when you're pumping gas.

An attempted carjacking caught on video shows a man casually walking up to a woman's car and getting in the driver's seat as she is pumping gas just feet away.

She notices and jumps in the passenger side as he hits the accelerator, snapping off the gas hose.

The two struggle in the moving vehicle and then the driver of a nearby fuel tanker gets involved. The suspect jumps out of the car and wrestles with the truck driver for a few more seconds before he's able to get away and flee on foot.

The incident happened Thursday at 2:09 p.m. in Allen Park, Michigan.

No one was seriously injured, but the suspect got away.

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