Red Bull Global Rallycross race series comes to Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The cars competing at this weekend's Red Bull Global Rallycross event are small, but mighty. Compact VW's, Fords, Subarus, and Hondas going around like mad on a small course.

"This is just something that doesn't really exist in regular road racing, per se," said Colin Dyne, CEO of Red Bull Global Rallycross.

Even if you've watched auto racing, you might not have seen racing quite like this.

"RallyCross is a pretty unique motorsport. I like to call it a sport, or motorsport, for people with ADD," said Tanner Foust, who drives a hot-rodded all-wheel-drive Volkswagen Beetle for the Andretti team.

It's part rally, part short oval, part road course, part pavement and part dirt. Oh, and there's a jump in the middle of the course, which each car must fly over on every lap.

Global Rallycross differs from traditional rally racing, like the World Rally Championship. In that worldwide series, drivers race in stages away from other cars in timed segments. They also carry a co-driver to navigate rural roads that are often unpaved.

The GRC cars are built in a similar fashion to WRC rally cars. They have all-wheel drive and can tackle dirt roads. And the cars race together.

"It's everything kind of condensed to a three or four minute race. We do heats throughout the day, then there's a 10 lap final," said driver Tanner Foust.

"The fans are really involved. We have big-screen TVs, they can see timing and scoring, and they get to look at their favorite drivers," said Colin Dyne of Red Bull Global Rallycross
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