Several popular car models, including Beetle and Impala, are being discontinued

With tastes changing, traditional cars are falling out of favor.

Several iconic car models have been discontinued in the last year and the list continues to grow.

Volkswagen is discontinuing the Beetle after an amazing 70-year run. Millions of Beetles were built even though there was a 20 year gap when you couldn't buy one here from the late 1970s through the late 1990s.

The Beetle has been in continuous production in one way or another for all this time. VW created a special edition, retro 2019 Beetle as a tribute, and they will be the last of its kind.

Another legendary model name will be saying goodbye soon: the Impala from Chevrolet.

Production is scheduled to end this year but if you're looking to buy one, there's a good chance you can score a great deal.

Ford has also announced that its sedans are on the way out. The Taurus is already a lame duck, and soon the Fusion will be too.

It's still available, even as the plug-in hybrid Energi model.

The electric range is now about 25 miles, then great gas mileage after that.

Chevy dropped a bombshell last fall when it announced that it was discontinuing the groundbreaking Volt.

They actually gave it some charging upgrades for 2019, so the latest one is arguably the best one they've ever made, with faster recharge times.

Though they're no longer in production, two of these vehicles still qualify for the new purple HOV lane stickers.

The Fusion Energi and the Chevy Volt are considered clean-air vehicles by the state of California, so they're eligible for the stickers.

The new purple clean-air stickers issued starting Jan. 1 will let you drive solo in most carpool lanes for the next several years.

For many commuters, that perk could be an added incentive to grab one of those two cars while they're still available.

It's a time of transition in the auto industry, more SUVs are in showrooms alongside fewer cars.

This year may be your last chance to grab some of these models at a fair rate.
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